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Minecraft is one of the most popular games of the teenage and the youth alike. Created by Markus Persson, it is basically a sandbox construction game that requires players to create and destroy the blocks, that too in a three – dimensional setting. Moreover, it also has the options of both – singleplayer as well as multiplayer gameplay. 



Now, coming to the mobile version or the pocket edition of Minecraft, it is available both – for IOS as well as for Android, and was released by Mojang AB. The pocket edition gets the experience of Minecraft to cell phones, tablets, and other such devices so that gamers do not have to restrict themselves and can enjoy the game at the go. The pocket edition is available for free, but to truly experience the pleasure of playing the game, one must go for the paid version. You can simply download Minecraft by either going to the play store or the apple store – and start enjoying the game. 

How Are The Game Controls? 

The game controls are fairly simple and easy to understand. Irrespective of whether you have played this before or are a firsttimer to the game, you will be able to get a grasp of it pretty quickly. Still, here are some basic controls that you must know in order to start playing: 

The player will be able to control his avatar through the arrow controls that are located towards the left of the screen and use the middle button if he or she needs to jump. However, climbing rocks has become fairly easy as one only needs to move forward towards the rocks and he or she will be able to climb them. The basic controls like forwarding, backward, left and right remain the same as before. You can also make use of the screen’s right side by tapping it to look around the surroundings. In order to break a block, one only needs to doubletap the block while holding the weapon and can place the block by touching it. 

While the building of blocks and destroying them are fairly simple, the real challenge lies when the player needs to move about. Moving in the surroundings is a little difficult here, and the player requires to press any of the direction arrows to move in that particular direction. Thus, since there is no touchscreen pad that allows fluent movement, it will become difficult to move about by using the mobile’s touchscreen. However, it is not that big an issue as one can get used to it with regular play and usage. 

Thus, we can say that though moving is a tad bit difficult when playing on the phone, otherwise Minecraft’s Pocket Edition is a very good proposition for all gamers. So, if you love such kind of games, then you should not miss out on this gem of a game. Thus, go to the store, download this game, and enjoy the joys of Minecraft: Pocket Edition! 


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